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The Srimathveeravalli Research Group gets interviewed by IALS.

Dr. Srimathveeravalli's research work on cancer immunotherapy is featured on the MIE website.

Dr. Srimathveeravalli is featured in the Society of Interventional Radiology's quarterly newsletter.

Editorial article and author interview of our work on bronchial irreversible electroporation.

Editorial article and author interview of our work on endoscopic bile duct ablation.

High school essays lead to internships at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Clinical application of our research work.


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June 2020: Scott Collins is selected as a finalist to present his work on using simulation modeling to advance IRE for the treatment of esophageal tumors in the undergraduate design competition at SB3C 2020.

June 2020: Neeraj Raghuraman presents his work on electric pulse assisted drug delivery to the bronchus at the SB3C 2020 online meeting.

March 2020: The Srimathveeravalli lab is recommended for an award by the Dept. of Defense CDMRP PRCRP Idea program for macrophage mediated immunotherapy augmented by IRE in early stage bladder cancer.

March 2020: Our work on using IRE to enhance chimeric antigen receptor T-cell immunotherapy in solid tumors is published in the J Vascular and Interventional Radiology SIR annual meeting supplement.

March 2020: Our work reporting a new model for translationally relevant partial ureteral obstruction has been published in International Urology and Nephrology.

January 2020: Wells Burrell received a Commonwealth Honors College Research Grants & Research Assistant Fellowship to support his work in our lab.

January 2020: Happy new year! We are happy to welcome Dr. Leo Raz. MD to our research group who is supported by a grant from the French government to perform cancer research in our lab.

December 2019: Dr. Yasushi Kimura, postdoc in the Srimathveeravalli Research Group is awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Uehara Foundation to support his work on cancer research work in our lab.

September 2019: Dr. Srimathveeravalli received an in kind grant of medical devices from Angiodynamics Inc. to improve the learning experience of students in his new course "Practical Medical Device Design".

September 2019: Mr. Tarek Munawar (undergraduate biotechnology researcher from City College of New York and Srimathveeravalli Lab alumni) presents his work on mechanisms contributing to cell death during irreversible electroporation as a podium presentation at the 3rd World Electroporation Congress.

August 2019: Our work identifying metallic implants such as surgical staples can interfere with the ablation efficacy of IRE in patients has been accepted for publication in CVIR. (see:

August 2019: Scott Collins gets interviewed on his research and summer experience in the Srimathveeravalli lab. (see:

July 2019: Dr. Srimathveeravalli is invited to give lectures at Anna University, and his alma mater KCG College of Technology in Chennai, India.

July 2019: Our work demonstrating the modulation of physical barriers in the tumor microenvironment (blood vessels, extracellular space and cell membrane) using pulsed electric fields to improve nanoparticle delivery and efficacy has been accepted for publication in Bioelectrochemistry. (see:

June 2019: Our review article on percutaneous ablation techniques and treatments has been accepted for publication in La Presse Medicale. (see:

April 2019: Our work studying the role of macrophages in post-ablation scarring in the urinary tract has been accepted for publication in American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology (see:

April 2019: Dr. Yasushi Kimura is awarded a travel grant to attend the SIO meeting to take place in Boston in June 2019.

March 2019: Dr. Srimathveeravalli hosts the "Moonshot Technologies for Next-Gen IR" at the SIR annual meeting in Austin, TX.

March 2019: Dr. Srimathveeravalli is selected to serve as an ADVANCE Equity and Collaboration fellow in support of the new program at UMass Amherst.

January 2019: Dr. Srimathveeravalli joins the faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Eng. at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and establishes the research group in the Institute for Applied Life Sciences.

Srimathveeravalli Research Group is not a place, it's people.

The research group, December 2018.

Research retreat, Summer 2018

The research group, Summer 2016

Sending off Leo. Summer 2020.