This is a repository of 3D models of devices that we use in the lab, comprehensive lab protocols and companion material for our textbook. Please email Dr. Srimathveeravalli to get copies of specific material. The email is for us to understand the utilization and audience for these materials, and will not be shared with anyone outside the research group without consent.

Materials for Chapter 1: Mathematical modeling of heat transfer in biological tissues - Dieter Haemmerich.

Materials for Chapter 3: Pulsed electric fields - Mary Sheehan & Govind Srimathveeravalli.

Materials for Chapter 4: Radiofrequency ablation - Macarena Trujillo et al.

Materials for Chapter 5: Microwave ablation: physical principles and technology - Punit Prakash.

Feel free to drop me, Punit or the chapter authors for questions, comments or clarifications.

3D Models for Parts

Lab Protocols